Dykes Who Do Things (second run coming soon)

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dykes who are sometimes afraid for their safety dykes who will run for president dykes who borrow their roommate's shampoo dykes who join the union dykes who know their local history dykes who buy two pairs of the same pants dykes who hate cops dykes who stockpile just in case dykes who wish they could quit their jobs dykes who make sangria from boxed wine dykes who are on twitter dykes who love vanity plates dykes who don't pass dykes who want to start praying again dykes who photocopy zines at their local library dykes who forget to fill the ice cube tray dykes who are thinking of having kids someday dykes who worry about wasting time dykes who can't wait dykes who make art when they can dykes who are new to this dykes who give it their all

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dykes who don't know how to order coffee dykes who got us to where we are today dykes who just want health insurance soon dykes who carry disposable cameras dykes who cut the sleeves off shirts every spring dykes who make mistakes dykes who grew up drinking well water dykes who don't realize how deep their community runs dykes who are bad at checking their email dykes who are relearning a language their great-grandparents once spoke dykes who play bass guitar dykes who can't find their phone charger dykes who get matching tattoos dykes who never learned to braid hair dykes who are trying to quit smoking dykes who have ghosts in their houses dykes who always forget to take out the recycling dykes who spend a lot of time on their hair

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do you see yourself within your communities?

What do you do that you are proud of? 

How is it that Target discontinued making those perfect boxer briefs two years ago and you're still not over it? 

Can you imagine living any other life? 

What nuances do straight and cis people fail to pick up on? 

Know any good gay stereotypes? 

What do you do when you're not sure what to do? 

What lifestyles, habits, actions, anxieties do you have in common with your friends? 

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